Short Conversation

For the audio assignment ‘Music Mash 2‘ for ds106, I created a short conversation of rejection between Drake (Hotline Bling) and Lady Gaga (Telephone)

Desperate – Short Conversation is what I titled the piece, as, let’s be honest, it’s how Drake sounds in Hotline Bling anyway. Get over it stalker!!

I created this with Audacity, a free audio editing software. Once you get the hang of it, it is okay for simple cut and paste type jobs, but doe make you yearn for the ease of Adobe’s Audition… But definitely great when you consider the whopping price difference. Ahem.


Edit: after trying and failing to embed the soundcloud video multiple times, it seems my edit was deleted for copyright issues… However, the song in the example for the assignment uses the same song and hasn’t been deleted..



It can now be listened to HERE on Clyp instead!



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A Giggle a Day

The assignment I chose to do in this ds106 post was for a video compilation. It could be on anything I wanted, all I had to do was find YouTube videos on my chosen topic, and cut them together to create a compilation video. There are many of this style on YouTube, often showing cats or ‘fail’ videos.

Following this theme, I decided to create my compilation video on laughter. This was for various reasons, I wanted it to be satirical itself, causing people to laugh in response to it, in this world you’ve got to get the laughs while you can! And, if successful, could even use as an aid in laughter yoga.

I also intended it to be like a response to the popular types of compilation on YouTube, as mentioned before, often of animals doing funny things or the You’ve Been Framed style of comedy with people injuring themselves. I wanted my video to reflect what the creators of these ‘try hard’ style of comedic videos hope for as a reaction.


To edit my video I used Lightworks – a video editing tool with a free version available for download. Using the very helpful Intro Instruction video, I simply chose my favourite sections and cut them together!

After importing the videos in, (I used Keepvid to download them from YouTube), I put them in a new ‘bin’ which allows you to select clips from the videos, and then automatically added them in to the final edit frame, where you can drag them into place, and further edit them if you desire.

Lightworks Printscreen

I hope you enjoyed this compilation! Full credit to the videos below for the awesome content.

Here are the videos used in my compilation:

Skype Laughter Chain

Laughing Tram Man

Japanese man’s contagious laughter leaves whole room in hysterics

Extreme Laughers 2 (Contagious Laughter)

Compilation of laughing babies





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Pinterest Dream Room.

On Pinterest I created a new board filled with pins for the ‘Create your own room‘ Assignment for ds106.

I selected specific parts for a bedroom rather than an overall image, as this feels more specific and personal. I will say however that a lot of the images on Pinterest were following the minimalist theme (where the room and a lot of the decor are white, with not many items in the rooms) and while I appreciate the ease of cleanliness and brightness etc of these types of rooms, they are not very realistic to me! I also prefer a lot more colour and character – I also have rather more stuff than these rooms seem to contain!

Creating the content to comment on in this post was very simple. Following the instructions, I used my existing Pinterest account to create a new board ‘ds106 Web Assignment – Dream Room‘, I titled it that to be easy and obvious to find. Using the search bar I searched for various relevant words (eg bed, bookcase, desk etc) to find pictures I liked of bedroom items I imagined.


On to why I picked the features of a room, and why I picked the specific images of them…

To begin, the most used item in a bedroom – the bed! I chose a picture with a large bed, as I like to spread out when I sleep and I have a lot of cushions on my bed too. I chose this specific image as I like the decorations on the wall around the bed (particularly the dream catcher and the arrow), and the fairy lights add a homely feel.

Next I decided to search for desks, ideally I would like to have two, one as a dressing table and one as a gaming/work desk, as it is difficult to fit all of it on one. (Being a nerdy female is hard..)  The dressing table image I chose shows a white desk, with a large drawer full of compartments. Perfect for keeping everything tidy and organised.

The second desk I chose was large and black with a quad-screen computer upon it. If I could put a heart eyes emoji here I would. This image looks like heaven to me (assuming that the computer is actually awesome) the immersive gaming possibilities and editing abilities and just general processing speeds I’m imagining are amazing, and it helps that it looks a little flashy. I love my 8gb ram, 17″ gaming laptop, (I call her Susie – because she’s an Asus…), but I would kill for a stable rig for gaming and editing like that.

They were my main favourites, and let’s be real – you gotta have plants!!









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IRL Emoji’s!

For this ds106 post, I completed a Mashup assignment – ‘Mashing Friends and Emoji’s

We were instructed to take a picture of one of our friends, or just a person that is in the moment doing something exactly like an emoji, and then to mash them together for comparison.

In the example image, it seems that Photoshop (or other similar computer photo editing tool) may have been used to put a large emoji next to the photo like it for comparison, to create one larger image. To create my comparison images I took a different (easier) approach. All photos in this post were taken using camera phones (Iphone 6’s and 5c), and then, using Snapchat, I added the relevent emoji onto the actual image for a cleaner look.

Rather than just posting one, I thought I would make a few!


This one would make a brilliant reaction image.


I believe he intended this selfie he sent me to look sarcastic, but it really didn’t!














I even managed to get a great one of my dog!



A candid photo of Meg in the back of the car heading home from or holiday in Wales. SO CUTE!


Who does it better? Dan? Or Meg?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Snapchat is a social media type app (available for IOS and Android) where users can send images to each other, and chat. But unlike other similar types of app, the images and chat-logs aren’t saved…

Using the new ‘Memories‘ feature of Snapchat, I loaded my chosen images into snapchat from the camera roll on my phone (Iphone 5c), and added stickers to the images in the form of the relevant emoji’s! I then dragged them into place and resized them to make them larger and more visible. I wanted it to be an obvious comparison, while making sure the emoji was large enough to easily identify, while not covering any vital parts of the photo. I then saved them back to my camera roll (after sending them to a few people!) and uploaded them into the post. Easy-Peasy! I highly recommend this method, as there are no difficult editing softwares involved. The pictures can even be taken through Snapchat, making it even easier!

I also submitted this as a tutorial, as this was the only one mentioning Snapchat as a method.

Good luck everyone and get snapping!


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Understanding Villains and Their Dress Sense.

This ds106 post was from the Design Assignment – ‘Venn Pop Culture‘. The task was to create a Venn Diagram with three attributes on it to define figures from popular culture.

I have a great love of villains and morally ambiguous characters with complicated stories. So the Venn diagram i created was based around some famous and misunderstood characters from nerd culture. This Venn diagram was simply created in Microsoft Word.


Some context for people that maybe don’t know these characters:

The Joker is one of the most famous, and probably disturbing, Batman Villains. Featured in many many comics, films and animations, the Joker has been played by Mark Hamill, Jack Nicholson and most famously Heath Ledger among other people.

Known as the Prince of Chaos, he is described as wanting to watch the world burn. He frequently tries to kill the ‘hero’ Batman, by taking control of the entire city’s crime (Gotham – not t be confused with the TV show). His excuse for this, and thus his claims that he is misunderstood, are that when he was a normal human performing a petty crime, Batman created his evil persona by dropping him in a vat of acid which changed him forever. His outfit mainly consists of the trademark purple coat, green hair and creepy ripped red smile. This is why he fits into the ‘Villain’ and ‘Misunderstood’ categories, and not the ‘Wears a lot of black’ one.


Heath Ledger as The Joker

Darth Vader is the ultimate villain of the Star Wars franchise. Starting as Anakin in the prequel trilogy, he turns to the dark side to become Darth Vader after his body is badly burned in lava.

He attempts to attain ultimate power by trying to destroy the light side – the Jedi. He wants total control across the galaxy. His all black, creepy metal suit places him in the venn diagram.


Darth Vader

Severus Snape. The is he/ isn’t he a villain from the Harry Potter franchise.

And one of my most favourite characters in anything. Ever.

The super snarky potions master plays a double agent for the good and bad sides, working for the light to redeem himself for a mistake that ultimately got his childhood love murdered. He is a very secretive, complex character who’s moral compass isn’t clear until the end.

His very fabulous and flowing bat-like ensemble in all black, fit him into the categories above.


Alan Rickman as Snape

Loki Laufeyson/Odinson is the good son turned bad from the Marvel universe, first appearing in Thor (2011) played by Tom Hiddleston (be still my beating heart) but is also featured in many comics prior to this. He comes to Earth and tries to enslave all of mankind into his service – although the situation is slightly more nuanced than that. He is also one of my favourite characters in anything, ever.

His gold, green and black costume is the other reason he is included in this list.


Tom Hiddleston as Loki

I decided to use these characters as they are all fairly well known, and (as previously mentioned) I hold quite the affinity with Loki and Snape. My favourite characters being those who struggle with finding their path and their moral compass is, I’m sure, a total coincidence…



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Meg Biting Snowflakes!

Yes, it’s GIF time again! This is the assignment ‘Animals Doing Funny Things‘ from the ds106 course, AnimatedGIF assignment bank. The instructions were very simple, find an animal doing something funny and make a GIF from it!

For anyone on the internet who doesn’t know, the acronym ‘GIF’ stands for Graphics Interchange Format, and is basically just a small section or clip of video that infinitely loops the same few seconds. There has been some debate in recent years on how to pronounce it, with some claims of it being pronounced ‘Jif’, and for any people that know of this struggle, internet veterans will eat their own keyboards before we say it like that! Unless you pronounce the word Graphics, ‘Jraphics’, then there really is no argument for it. The creator of the GIF Steve Wilhite, announced that he had intended the pronunciation to be ‘Jif’ rather than ‘giff’ but did not make this statement until over 20 years after the existence of GIFs. In my opinion he was just bored one day and decided to mess with the world. A great article on this can be found here from the Independent.

Back to the task at hand! I happened to have been at home and captured a charming video of my border collie Meg in the snow, attempting to bite the snowflakes as they were falling. Again as in my previous post, ‘GIFs and Mewling Quims‘, I used Imgurs Video to GIF converter to create a 5 second clip out of my 30 second video. The post also explains how to use the converter.

eIsawhm - Imgur

Isn’t she cute??!

Readers may see more of Meg in future posts…


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Shakespearean Confidence.

Daily Create #tdc1380 was called ‘Shakespearean Actors Day!’ and asked that we record ourselves speaking some song lyrics in a Shakespearean style. I decided to do an extract from Demi Lovato’s ‘Confident‘ as it it a song I have listened to quite a bit recently and relate to a lot.

These are the words I used;

“This is my game
And you better come to play.

I used to hold my freak back
Now I’m letting go
I make my own choice
Yeah I run this show.”

This reminded me very much of the viral challenge #15SecondShakespeare where people read 15 seconds of pop song lyrics in Shakespearean style. It caught on to various celebrities who often challenged other celeb friends to get involved.

A personal favourite was by Karen Gillan;

An awesome article where you can see more #15SecondShakespeare’s is on Mashable here.

If you want to know more about The Daily Create or the Social Media Production ds106 Course (SMPds106) then just follow those handy links to take you to the websites!

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