This is my first Daily Create submission, which to be quit frank if I’d known this existed before I would have been all over it! It is an awesome way to help boost creativity and get people active on social media. The Daily Create is a site that post a new short challenge everyday for people to complete and tweet the finished thing to them. It is usually in the form of a media creation like a picture, writing, music, a gif and many others.

Today’s Daily Create was to find and photograph: Pareidolia.

Famous example of Pareidolia. Which do you see first, the duck or the rabbit?

Don’t worry, I had to look it up too. Pareidolia is essentially seeing things that aren’t there, e.g. seeing faces in inanimate objects that do not have a face. Which so happens is exactly what I used for my image in the tweet!

Embedded image permalink

My photo of pareidolia. Cheeky smile on my flats living room door handle!

If you want to know more about The Daily Create or the Social Media Production ds106 Course (SMPds106) then just follow those handy links to take you to the websites!


About Betty Wild

Call me Betty, this is a student run blog that will be filled with all things social media, from viral content, media analysis and simple blog posts! This is an SMPds106 blog.
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