Lucky, Lucky, Lucky!

This was the title of Daily Create#tdc1376 in which were asked to describe what our luckiest day would look like. I started this off by tweeting this out:

My luckiest day to be completely honest would involve even more than this, particularly on a deeper level. Now, that’s not to say I wouldn’t love to become a rich singer, in fact I very much would, it would be a dream come true. But, on an everyday level, I would love to wake up and lose my embarrassment and insecurities, to love me and my body and be unashamed to express myself in whatever way I saw best. And well really, that would help with fame and fortune wouldn’t it!

If you want to know more about The Daily Create or the Social Media Production ds106 Course (SMPds106) then just follow those handy links to take you to the websites!


About Betty Wild

Call me Betty, this is a student run blog that will be filled with all things social media, from viral content, media analysis and simple blog posts! This is an SMPds106 blog.
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