Things That Aren’t There, Awesome Graphics, and Loss.

These three things may seem unrelated, and well they are. These are the Daily Creates  I accomplished in Unit One of the SMPds106 course.

The first #tcd1366 was on pareidolia which I have already made a post about, to help me get the ball rolling and used to writing.

Pareidolia is seeing things in objects that ‘aren’t there’. More like seeing something in something that wasn’t the intended purpose of the thing you are looking at. So here’s my second one;


I don’t know how he walks in order to have made these creepy faces!!

After creating the first image in the post linked above, my flatmate came home and showed us his shoes!! Which of course I wish I’d seen first, as it would have made a much better tweet than this one;

However it seems to have worked in my favour as I have been able to make two posts about Pareidolia, a word I did not know before Daily Create!

The second Daily Create I went for was Awesome Graphics #tdc1370.

“From menus to posters, you can find cool graphics all around you! Look for interesting designs when you’re out and about.” Lisa Truesdell

This was a bit of an opportunistic choice, as I immediately knew what picture I would take.


In St. Martins Square in Leicester.

This in in St. Martins Square in Leicester, on the way to forbidden planet, so essentially I see it any time I head into town or go shopping.

In the very bottom right of the image there is a plug to, where the artist can be found, and his own photo of the piece!

My final Daily Create for the Unit was on Loss. We were tasked with writing a short story beginning with, ‘What would I have done if I had not lost…‘. Mine can be found in this post.

I decided to write about something real, and raw, and the take the word loss literally, and write about my grief. This is my space to write, and while I am using it for university work, this blog is my own space to write what I want. So, writing about something that personal early on will help me establish my online presence and really put my stamp on this blog. And, honestly, it is easier to write about things that matter to me, not easier to publish, but easier for the words to flow, with real meaning behind them.

If you want to know more about The Daily Create or the Social Media Production ds106 Course (SMPds106) then just follow those handy links to take you to the websites!


About Betty Wild

Call me Betty, this is a student run blog that will be filled with all things social media, from viral content, media analysis and simple blog posts! This is an SMPds106 blog.
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