Sexy Halloween

With Halloween only a couple of days away, I thought I would write about something that’s been on my mind about the holiday, and maybe try to give a little advice too.

As we know, Halloween is filled with kids trying to get as many sweets as possible and that’s simply adorable. I however am going to address the adults that like to dress up too and get their hands on as much alcohol as possible. When it comes to ‘adult’ Halloween festivities, there are a few types of costume wearers. These include the all out, the ‘just skating by’, and the sexy costumes.

There is a certain sexualisation of Halloween costumes that is just not okay. And by this, I mean the shaming of sexy Halloween costumes. Granted, some may be somewhat inappropriate, in that you still need to obey nudity laws, ie arseless costumes probably won’t be appreciated by many. But, not including that legitimate issue, there should be no shaming forced upon those who want to dress up and look fine as hell at the same time.

THIS video popped up on Youtube from Buzzfeed a few days ago, and it is clearly meant as a satirical song highlighting just how far some of these costumes can go, however, all I can see is a bunch of images of women in costumes being ridiculed by a group of men, which is a fantastic reflection on what happens in real life.

I hate that that Keith Habersberger is the front man for this, as he is one of my favourite people from Buzzfeed and my favourite Try Guy. I do believe that it wasn’t meant as anything other than innocent and a giggle at some of the odd costumes in the video, but it didn’t really come across that way, and highlights just how easy it can be to shame others and create a misogynistic atmosphere. At least to me it felt this way, and I was slightly uncomfortable watching the video, especially when the ‘classless’ and ‘Whore-ibble’ jokes were made. I just found them to be in a little poor taste, and know that there are people out there who would openly shame others in such a way, and these kinds of videos almost make it seem okay to people who don’t already know that it’s wrong.

Halloween has an inherent misogyny in its adult form, which all too many people are still not seeing. I, to my regret, have been one of those girls who has essentially slut shamed other girls for dressing sexily on Halloween, and this is not right! It is just demonstrating a continuation of rape culture, (shaming women for choosing to dress in a way that may seem provocative) but seemingly deemed more acceptable because it is not an everyday event.

What I want men to understand is that women have soo much pressure to look good ALL THE TIME. And I don’t just mean like clean and dressed nice, I mean that they have social pressure to be sexually appealing no matter the situation. Going to a professional meeting? Dress appropriate, professional, and sexy. Lounging around and relaxing all day? Gotta look sexy! God forbid we ever actually be comfortable.

Halloween is just another extension of time where we have pressure on us to be attractive. And if you want to, then why the hell not?! All women should be able to dress how they want and not feel shamed or unsafe. Equally, they shouldn’t feel they need to or have pressure on them to be ‘sexy’ or attractive at all times.

The moral of the story, try to be a bit more accepting this Halloween of WHATEVER other people are wearing. There is always a reason.


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2 Responses to Sexy Halloween

  1. melissam8827 says:

    I have mix feeling with your post and with the video. For the video, the were some sexual reference that were not necessary. However, I think that halloween is not anymore about getting a good laugh of the other costume but to see how can look sexier which is some cases means to reveal more than you need to. I have been to halloween parties where girls are only wearing bikini bottom and something to cover the nipples. I do not think it is necessary to go that far. About your post and the pressure to feel sexy, We always will feel pressure to be something that we are not or to look in a certain way, however; I think that if you do not feel comfortable you do not need to do it because if you are succumbing to pressure you are just following the trend and it sometimes can lead to a dangerous situations.


    • Betty Wild says:

      I agree that all people should have the choice – which is the key word really. And I feel that currently women do not have the choice, and are judged for whatever way they choose to dress, halloween or not, and that really is all I was trying to highlight with my post.

      Thanks for your comment!


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