GIFs and Mewling Quims.

I have definitely put off this assignment.. I have never made a GIF before and it did make me feel a bit nervous! So after fretting about my Photoshop skills and choosing what to make the GIF of, I perused the Assignment Page ‘Say it Like the Peanut Butter‘ on ds106 which outlines the assignment, I came across this post which was one of the tutorials submitted for the assignment. It was submitted by the bavatuesdays blog, and details some of their struggles with the task and they found a handy online tool for this – IMGUR’s Video to GIF site, which is incredibly easy to use!  I had looked online for a similar service, but had only really come across image to gif sites, which this site also does, but really wasn’t what I was after.

IMGURs Video to GIF service allows you to use video URL’s such as YouTube videos, and selects up to five second clips to create into the gif, it also allows you to enter text over the top of the gif. This was a far easier method of creating it, I didn’t even have to upload a video! Although it was slightly lower quality than something made in Photoshop or with the footage exported from disk, it did take a fraction of the time and is definitely a service I will use again in the future!

On to the actual GIF, we were tasked with creating a GIF of a key scene from a favourite or least favourite film. I didn’t fancy staring at a film I didn’t like in order to find a good scene to make a GIF from, so I had a long hard think about films I like to make a good gif from. I’m a big fan of superhero films, with villains or morally conflicted characters as my particular penchant. So who better than Loki, right? There are a huge number of fantastic scenes of Loki in Thor, The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World, but the scene I chose to make the GIF is from The Avengers; when Loki is trapped and almost taunting Natasha Romanov (Black Widow), and says one of his best known quotes, ‘That is my bargain, you mewling quim!’.

Loki - You mewling quim

The phrase ‘Mewling Quim’ I thought really showed the conflict within Loki’s character and also the viewers conflict with his character. He is a bit of a fan-favourite in the Marvel world, but things like this show how much the villain he really can be. The phrase was seen as somewhat controversial after the film aired, as it’s meaning is ‘Whining C*nt’, and it being one of his better known phrases goes perfectly with his character for me.


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