Understanding Villains and Their Dress Sense.

This ds106 post was from the Design Assignment – ‘Venn Pop Culture‘. The task was to create a Venn Diagram with three attributes on it to define figures from popular culture.

I have a great love of villains and morally ambiguous characters with complicated stories. So the Venn diagram i created was based around some famous and misunderstood characters from nerd culture. This Venn diagram was simply created in Microsoft Word.


Some context for people that maybe don’t know these characters:

The Joker is one of the most famous, and probably disturbing, Batman Villains. Featured in many many comics, films and animations, the Joker has been played by Mark Hamill, Jack Nicholson and most famously Heath Ledger among other people.

Known as the Prince of Chaos, he is described as wanting to watch the world burn. He frequently tries to kill the ‘hero’ Batman, by taking control of the entire city’s crime (Gotham – not t be confused with the TV show). His excuse for this, and thus his claims that he is misunderstood, are that when he was a normal human performing a petty crime, Batman created his evil persona by dropping him in a vat of acid which changed him forever. His outfit mainly consists of the trademark purple coat, green hair and creepy ripped red smile. This is why he fits into the ‘Villain’ and ‘Misunderstood’ categories, and not the ‘Wears a lot of black’ one.


Heath Ledger as The Joker

Darth Vader is the ultimate villain of the Star Wars franchise. Starting as Anakin in the prequel trilogy, he turns to the dark side to become Darth Vader after his body is badly burned in lava.

He attempts to attain ultimate power by trying to destroy the light side – the Jedi. He wants total control across the galaxy. His all black, creepy metal suit places him in the venn diagram.


Darth Vader

Severus Snape. The is he/ isn’t he a villain from the Harry Potter franchise.

And one of my most favourite characters in anything. Ever.

The super snarky potions master plays a double agent for the good and bad sides, working for the light to redeem himself for a mistake that ultimately got his childhood love murdered. He is a very secretive, complex character who’s moral compass isn’t clear until the end.

His very fabulous and flowing bat-like ensemble in all black, fit him into the categories above.


Alan Rickman as Snape

Loki Laufeyson/Odinson is the good son turned bad from the Marvel universe, first appearing in Thor (2011) played by Tom Hiddleston (be still my beating heart) but is also featured in many comics prior to this. He comes to Earth and tries to enslave all of mankind into his service – although the situation is slightly more nuanced than that. He is also one of my favourite characters in anything, ever.

His gold, green and black costume is the other reason he is included in this list.


Tom Hiddleston as Loki

I decided to use these characters as they are all fairly well known, and (as previously mentioned) I hold quite the affinity with Loki and Snape. My favourite characters being those who struggle with finding their path and their moral compass is, I’m sure, a total coincidence…




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