IRL Emoji’s!

For this ds106 post, I completed a Mashup assignment – ‘Mashing Friends and Emoji’s

We were instructed to take a picture of one of our friends, or just a person that is in the moment doing something exactly like an emoji, and then to mash them together for comparison.

In the example image, it seems that Photoshop (or other similar computer photo editing tool) may have been used to put a large emoji next to the photo like it for comparison, to create one larger image. To create my comparison images I took a different (easier) approach. All photos in this post were taken using camera phones (Iphone 6’s and 5c), and then, using Snapchat, I added the relevent emoji onto the actual image for a cleaner look.

Rather than just posting one, I thought I would make a few!


This one would make a brilliant reaction image.


I believe he intended this selfie he sent me to look sarcastic, but it really didn’t!














I even managed to get a great one of my dog!



A candid photo of Meg in the back of the car heading home from or holiday in Wales. SO CUTE!


Who does it better? Dan? Or Meg?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Snapchat is a social media type app (available for IOS and Android) where users can send images to each other, and chat. But unlike other similar types of app, the images and chat-logs aren’t saved…

Using the new ‘Memories‘ feature of Snapchat, I loaded my chosen images into snapchat from the camera roll on my phone (Iphone 5c), and added stickers to the images in the form of the relevant emoji’s! I then dragged them into place and resized them to make them larger and more visible. I wanted it to be an obvious comparison, while making sure the emoji was large enough to easily identify, while not covering any vital parts of the photo. I then saved them back to my camera roll (after sending them to a few people!) and uploaded them into the post. Easy-Peasy! I highly recommend this method, as there are no difficult editing softwares involved. The pictures can even be taken through Snapchat, making it even easier!

I also submitted this as a tutorial, as this was the only one mentioning Snapchat as a method.

Good luck everyone and get snapping!



About Betty Wild

Call me Betty, this is a student run blog that will be filled with all things social media, from viral content, media analysis and simple blog posts! This is an SMPds106 blog.
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