Pinterest Dream Room.

On Pinterest I created a new board filled with pins for the ‘Create your own room‘ Assignment for ds106.

I selected specific parts for a bedroom rather than an overall image, as this feels more specific and personal. I will say however that a lot of the images on Pinterest were following the minimalist theme (where the room and a lot of the decor are white, with not many items in the rooms) and while I appreciate the ease of cleanliness and brightness etc of these types of rooms, they are not very realistic to me! I also prefer a lot more colour and character – I also have rather more stuff than these rooms seem to contain!

Creating the content to comment on in this post was very simple. Following the instructions, I used my existing Pinterest account to create a new board ‘ds106 Web Assignment – Dream Room‘, I titled it that to be easy and obvious to find. Using the search bar I searched for various relevant words (eg bed, bookcase, desk etc) to find pictures I liked of bedroom items I imagined.


On to why I picked the features of a room, and why I picked the specific images of them…

To begin, the most used item in a bedroom – the bed! I chose a picture with a large bed, as I like to spread out when I sleep and I have a lot of cushions on my bed too. I chose this specific image as I like the decorations on the wall around the bed (particularly the dream catcher and the arrow), and the fairy lights add a homely feel.

Next I decided to search for desks, ideally I would like to have two, one as a dressing table and one as a gaming/work desk, as it is difficult to fit all of it on one. (Being a nerdy female is hard..)  The dressing table image I chose shows a white desk, with a large drawer full of compartments. Perfect for keeping everything tidy and organised.

The second desk I chose was large and black with a quad-screen computer upon it. If I could put a heart eyes emoji here I would. This image looks like heaven to me (assuming that the computer is actually awesome) the immersive gaming possibilities and editing abilities and just general processing speeds I’m imagining are amazing, and it helps that it looks a little flashy. I love my 8gb ram, 17″ gaming laptop, (I call her Susie – because she’s an Asus…), but I would kill for a stable rig for gaming and editing like that.

They were my main favourites, and let’s be real – you gotta have plants!!










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Call me Betty, this is a student run blog that will be filled with all things social media, from viral content, media analysis and simple blog posts! This is an SMPds106 blog.
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