Short Conversation

For the audio assignment ‘Music Mash 2‘ for ds106, I created a short conversation of rejection between Drake (Hotline Bling) and Lady Gaga (Telephone)

Desperate – Short Conversation is what I titled the piece, as, let’s be honest, it’s how Drake sounds in Hotline Bling anyway. Get over it stalker!!

I created this with Audacity, a free audio editing software. Once you get the hang of it, it is okay for simple cut and paste type jobs, but doe make you yearn for the ease of Adobe’s Audition… But definitely great when you consider the whopping price difference. Ahem.


Edit: after trying and failing to embed the soundcloud video multiple times, it seems my edit was deleted for copyright issues… However, the song in the example for the assignment uses the same song and hasn’t been deleted..



It can now be listened to HERE on Clyp instead!




About Betty Wild

Call me Betty, this is a student run blog that will be filled with all things social media, from viral content, media analysis and simple blog posts! This is an SMPds106 blog.
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