GIFs and Mewling Quims.

I have definitely put off this assignment.. I have never made a GIF before and it did make me feel a bit nervous! So after fretting about my Photoshop skills and choosing what to make the GIF of, I perused the Assignment Page ‘Say it Like the Peanut Butter‘ on ds106 which outlines the assignment, I came across this post which was one of the tutorials submitted for the assignment. It was submitted by the bavatuesdays blog, and details some of their struggles with the task and they found a handy online tool for this – IMGUR’s Video to GIF site, which is incredibly easy to use!  I had looked online for a similar service, but had only really come across image to gif sites, which this site also does, but really wasn’t what I was after.

IMGURs Video to GIF service allows you to use video URL’s such as YouTube videos, and selects up to five second clips to create into the gif, it also allows you to enter text over the top of the gif. This was a far easier method of creating it, I didn’t even have to upload a video! Although it was slightly lower quality than something made in Photoshop or with the footage exported from disk, it did take a fraction of the time and is definitely a service I will use again in the future!

On to the actual GIF, we were tasked with creating a GIF of a key scene from a favourite or least favourite film. I didn’t fancy staring at a film I didn’t like in order to find a good scene to make a GIF from, so I had a long hard think about films I like to make a good gif from. I’m a big fan of superhero films, with villains or morally conflicted characters as my particular penchant. So who better than Loki, right? There are a huge number of fantastic scenes of Loki in Thor, The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World, but the scene I chose to make the GIF is from The Avengers; when Loki is trapped and almost taunting Natasha Romanov (Black Widow), and says one of his best known quotes, ‘That is my bargain, you mewling quim!’.

Loki - You mewling quim

The phrase ‘Mewling Quim’ I thought really showed the conflict within Loki’s character and also the viewers conflict with his character. He is a bit of a fan-favourite in the Marvel world, but things like this show how much the villain he really can be. The phrase was seen as somewhat controversial after the film aired, as it’s meaning is ‘Whining C*nt’, and it being one of his better known phrases goes perfectly with his character for me.

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Sexy Halloween

With Halloween only a couple of days away, I thought I would write about something that’s been on my mind about the holiday, and maybe try to give a little advice too.

As we know, Halloween is filled with kids trying to get as many sweets as possible and that’s simply adorable. I however am going to address the adults that like to dress up too and get their hands on as much alcohol as possible. When it comes to ‘adult’ Halloween festivities, there are a few types of costume wearers. These include the all out, the ‘just skating by’, and the sexy costumes.

There is a certain sexualisation of Halloween costumes that is just not okay. And by this, I mean the shaming of sexy Halloween costumes. Granted, some may be somewhat inappropriate, in that you still need to obey nudity laws, ie arseless costumes probably won’t be appreciated by many. But, not including that legitimate issue, there should be no shaming forced upon those who want to dress up and look fine as hell at the same time.

THIS video popped up on Youtube from Buzzfeed a few days ago, and it is clearly meant as a satirical song highlighting just how far some of these costumes can go, however, all I can see is a bunch of images of women in costumes being ridiculed by a group of men, which is a fantastic reflection on what happens in real life.

I hate that that Keith Habersberger is the front man for this, as he is one of my favourite people from Buzzfeed and my favourite Try Guy. I do believe that it wasn’t meant as anything other than innocent and a giggle at some of the odd costumes in the video, but it didn’t really come across that way, and highlights just how easy it can be to shame others and create a misogynistic atmosphere. At least to me it felt this way, and I was slightly uncomfortable watching the video, especially when the ‘classless’ and ‘Whore-ibble’ jokes were made. I just found them to be in a little poor taste, and know that there are people out there who would openly shame others in such a way, and these kinds of videos almost make it seem okay to people who don’t already know that it’s wrong.

Halloween has an inherent misogyny in its adult form, which all too many people are still not seeing. I, to my regret, have been one of those girls who has essentially slut shamed other girls for dressing sexily on Halloween, and this is not right! It is just demonstrating a continuation of rape culture, (shaming women for choosing to dress in a way that may seem provocative) but seemingly deemed more acceptable because it is not an everyday event.

What I want men to understand is that women have soo much pressure to look good ALL THE TIME. And I don’t just mean like clean and dressed nice, I mean that they have social pressure to be sexually appealing no matter the situation. Going to a professional meeting? Dress appropriate, professional, and sexy. Lounging around and relaxing all day? Gotta look sexy! God forbid we ever actually be comfortable.

Halloween is just another extension of time where we have pressure on us to be attractive. And if you want to, then why the hell not?! All women should be able to dress how they want and not feel shamed or unsafe. Equally, they shouldn’t feel they need to or have pressure on them to be ‘sexy’ or attractive at all times.

The moral of the story, try to be a bit more accepting this Halloween of WHATEVER other people are wearing. There is always a reason.

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Get Talking! – Mental Health, Periods and Our Bodies.

Daily Create #tdc1379 was to “Make a flyer that gives advice, shares something about your life, or promotes an imagined event”. We than had to put it into the world and upload a photo of it in our tweet;

The poster I created was to try and inspire people to talk about the kind of subjects that are often not talked about, or considered a bit taboo in certain situations, like periods, mental health and the body – be it in terms of body confidence, sex, or bodily functions! These are all NORMAL things that we need to talk about more openly, and the ‘shame’ associated with them needs to be destroyed. Now go forth and embarrass your friends and family!

If you want to know more about The Daily Create or the Social Media Production ds106 Course (SMPds106) then just follow those handy links to take you to the websites!

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We all need a preparation day for the week!

The Daily Create #tdc1378 was to come up with an eighth day in the week between Sunday and Monday, and create a daft poster for it.

I decided to call this ‘Eighth Day’ Prep-day, as I think it would be very nice to have an extra day at the beginning of the week in order to prepare any paperwork for Uni, plan what I’m doing and when that week and just overall make sure I’m ready for it. This would also allow a proper rest day on Sunday for the week, and I sure need a really good, guilt free rest day every week!!

Below is the quick poster I made and the tweet for the Daily Create;

If you want to know more about The Daily Create or the Social Media Production ds106 Course (SMPds106) then just follow those handy links to take you to the websites!

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Lucky, Lucky, Lucky!

This was the title of Daily Create#tdc1376 in which were asked to describe what our luckiest day would look like. I started this off by tweeting this out:

My luckiest day to be completely honest would involve even more than this, particularly on a deeper level. Now, that’s not to say I wouldn’t love to become a rich singer, in fact I very much would, it would be a dream come true. But, on an everyday level, I would love to wake up and lose my embarrassment and insecurities, to love me and my body and be unashamed to express myself in whatever way I saw best. And well really, that would help with fame and fortune wouldn’t it!

If you want to know more about The Daily Create or the Social Media Production ds106 Course (SMPds106) then just follow those handy links to take you to the websites!

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Things That Aren’t There, Awesome Graphics, and Loss.

These three things may seem unrelated, and well they are. These are the Daily Creates  I accomplished in Unit One of the SMPds106 course.

The first #tcd1366 was on pareidolia which I have already made a post about, to help me get the ball rolling and used to writing.

Pareidolia is seeing things in objects that ‘aren’t there’. More like seeing something in something that wasn’t the intended purpose of the thing you are looking at. So here’s my second one;


I don’t know how he walks in order to have made these creepy faces!!

After creating the first image in the post linked above, my flatmate came home and showed us his shoes!! Which of course I wish I’d seen first, as it would have made a much better tweet than this one;

However it seems to have worked in my favour as I have been able to make two posts about Pareidolia, a word I did not know before Daily Create!

The second Daily Create I went for was Awesome Graphics #tdc1370.

“From menus to posters, you can find cool graphics all around you! Look for interesting designs when you’re out and about.” Lisa Truesdell

This was a bit of an opportunistic choice, as I immediately knew what picture I would take.


In St. Martins Square in Leicester.

This in in St. Martins Square in Leicester, on the way to forbidden planet, so essentially I see it any time I head into town or go shopping.

In the very bottom right of the image there is a plug to, where the artist can be found, and his own photo of the piece!

My final Daily Create for the Unit was on Loss. We were tasked with writing a short story beginning with, ‘What would I have done if I had not lost…‘. Mine can be found in this post.

I decided to write about something real, and raw, and the take the word loss literally, and write about my grief. This is my space to write, and while I am using it for university work, this blog is my own space to write what I want. So, writing about something that personal early on will help me establish my online presence and really put my stamp on this blog. And, honestly, it is easier to write about things that matter to me, not easier to publish, but easier for the words to flow, with real meaning behind them.

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A Piece of Me I Will Never Get Back.

Loss. This was the subject of my third Daily create #tdc1368. This was actually done a few days after it was posted, as it took a little time to think about. We had to write a short story beginning with the prompt ‘What would I have done if I had not lost..’.

This seems to have been open to some interpretation, some writing fictional stories, other writing something true and personal, others simply writing a sentence! What I decided to do, was something personal and dear to my heart.

What would I have done if I had not lost Harry.

First, let me tell you what I wouldn’t have done. I wouldn’t have cried after finishing my first year (here), I wouldn’t have had my world shattered and come crashing down on me, and I wouldn’t (yet) have a remembrance tattoo. I would have been elated at finishing my first year of Media Production, and ecstatic to go home and see him and the other three members of my family at home. Instead, my home, though still filled with love and most of my family, felt empty, and strange at being a family of four instead of five.

If I had not lost Harry, I would not have mourned would not still be mourning, but, I also would not have kicked myself up the bum to get out of the bad life situation I was currently in, and realise that I wasn’t happy, and that I didn’t deserve to feel that way on a daily basis. I wouldn’t have forced myself to have more self respect and care, and while of course I would have preferred to do those things AND not lose Harry, I don’t think I could have. The all consuming, true sadness of grief helped to me differentiate between that and my mind haze of anxiety and depression, and to truly begin my journey to self-love. I miss him everyday, but I also know, that in basically every other way, I am doing so much better than I was 5 months ago. I don’t know what kind of magic he had where he could, and still does, help me with anything and everything. He was my coping method when I was in my worst days of depression, he helped keep me afloat on my days where I couldn’t think straight, and he’s lifted me out of dark days now.

So, what would I have done if I had not lost Harry? Used every minute of my summer to be with him, and not pushed myself to do anything else.

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